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Music Videos


Trained in Music Video Production at the New York  Film Academy, Dr Mojo can offer you a fresh concept for any style of music. From Jazz to Hip-hop, Reggae to Blues, whatever your instruments imagine, we can visualise it. An essential marketing tool for any professional musician, music videos can be used for :

  • Television exposure

  • Securing gigs and festival bookings 

  • Web exposure-  featured on online music/lifestyle sites and blogs

  • Growing  your fanbase- by featuring on youtube, vimeo and social media sites 


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Artist profile & album covers 


Keeping your online visual media fresh, funky and looking like a pro is essential if you want to get decent gigs and keep your fans interested. Dr Mojo can help you with album covers and stunning pics that just keep coming! 


Having a short video profile that shows potential bookers you performing live really helps when you apply for gigs - people want to SEE how good you are before booking you. 


Having a clear brand is essential if you want to succeed. Let us help you create a brand that's  fresh and interesting and remember- your  visuals should be as good as your music is! 

 Music Documentaries 


Have an interesting story to share with the world?  With 8 years experience in documentaries , Dr Mojo is ready to turn your story into a music documentary that captures your gifts to the world. 

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