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 Dr Mojo is a DJ, music producer, vocalist and multi- instrumentalist with a passion for the transformative power of music. For more than 15 years, she has been lighting up the stages of festivals, clubs, live music and conscious dance events across the globe as a multi-genre artists with a special focus on all things African. She has worked with musicians from across the African continent and as a musician herself, composes on Ableton Live, sings and plays several instruments. In 2019, she started The Amantombazana Project, which partners with Ableton International and Berklee School of Music’s Professor Errin Barra to teach women how to create music on Ableton Live.


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Bringing together a wealth of experience in music videos, documentaries, DJing, beatmaking, event hosting, artist management and project management , 

Dr Mojo has everything you need to help you reach your dreams! 




Dr Mojo has spent more than10 years behind the camera- both as a photographer and filmmaker making documentaries, short films, music videos and capturing live performances. She trained at New York Film Academy, London Film School and City Varsity and founded Dr Mojo Films in March 2014. In 2015, two of her music videos were screened at the African Film Festival in Edinburgh and Dr Mojo was selected as a Talent by the Durban International Film Festival. 








Dr Mojo is also a real medical doctor and has worked as a Public Health and Behaviour Change specialist for more than 13 years. She adopts a creative approach to inspiring change and has worked on health, development and research projects for governments, International NGO's and corporates in many countries. Her range of experience includes violence prevention, mental health promotion, substance abuse prevention, child and maternal health and road safety. She has lectured undergraduate and masters students in South Africa and abroad and has also run many community-level training workshops. 


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